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War of Emperium
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New Server Hosting

Hey all, sorry for being MIA the past two weeks. As I promised, I have returned after finishing my final exams for the quarter. It is...


Black Friday ~ Cyber Monday Sale

Nyuubi presents to you our first Kafra Shop holiday sales event ever. If you've been eyeing something from our Kafra Shop, now is your...


[Raid] The Minotaur Den

Nyuubi Staff proudly presents to you our very first raid (custom instance) dungeon... Raid Dungeon Specs Minimum Base Level: 200 Number...


Patch#1016: 13-12-27luatables.gpf

Update item data tables for new items support.

Patch#1015: 13-12-27sprtexture.gpf

Add sprites and textures for new items support.

Patch#1014: 13-12-18datainfo.gpf

Reconnection to server after server host swap.